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Welcome to the Archive Project


Minotaur Theatre Company was founded over 35 years ago, by a group of students in the first ever Drama Degree course at The University of East Anglia. Since then, thousands of students have come and go, hundreds of performances have captured audiences across the UK but we still have one main aim: to produce theatre for all to enjoy.


We're taking a look back into the past and delving through the archives to bring you everything that has ever been produced by Minotaur.


It's a huge undertaking, and we really need your help. By using the links below, you can find everything we know about the productions from those years. If you know anything more about those shows, have an old programme lying around, a poster or even a specific date, please get in contact with us. You can find all of our contact details by clicking on the Contact Us link in the header, or here.


Please also get in contact if you were a member of the Minotaur Committee in any of the years not listed on the Official website here.


1979-80  |  1980-81  |  1981-82  |  1982-83  |  1983-84  |  1984-85 1985-86  |  1986-87  |  1987-88  |  1988-89  |  1989-90


1990-91  |  1991-92  |  1992-93  |  1993-94  |  1994-95
1995-96  |  1996-97  |  1997-98  | 1998-99  |  1999-2000


2000-01  |  2001-02  |  2002-03  |  2003-04  |  2004-05
2005-06  |  2006-07  |  2007-08  |  2008-09


Along the way, we've come across names and posters that we can't add to the Archive just yet. We're looking for any confirmation that these shows were produced (at least in part) by Minotaur and not by Dramasoc or as a Drama Sector performance. Again, please contact us if you can help.


First and Last

Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf?

Bucket and

First and Last (Thomas Crookes)



A Clockwork Orange - 2006-8

Find Me

Edinburgh Shows:

Keeping it in the Family by Amber Dodd



Minotaur Mayhem in 2007

Measure for Measure



Angels in America

Sam and the Fortune Teller – Sewell Barn Theatre (Acthea Festival, Albi, South France)



Loves Labour's Lost

Once in a Lifetime


The Stronger

Road by Jim Cartwright



Disco Pigs by Enda Walsh



Storytelling (ISSUU)


1999 (ISSUU)

Abigail's Party




Glengarry Glen Ross - Sewell Barn Theatre (ISSUU)



Two German plays, (called?) to open the Kenny Theatre.



The Seagull, 1982, Director, Nick Mahon. National Student Drama Festival, Hull

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